Managing our injuries

In order to perform properly as athletes, we need to do our best to remain injury free. However, this may come at a price and it can be quite the blow to our egos. We need to learn to rest when we need rest and take care of any problems as they arise. I am definitely guilty of spending too little time on problems that seem to plague me. I’ve found that the majority of my problems can be either managed or solved by properly taking care of them. Icing, mobilizing, and rest are imperative. While I’d like to think I am good at this, I am not. I don’t ice enough and it’s definitely difficult to rest when all you want to do is train. Learn how to be creative: Swim instead. There are amazing resources out there for swimming and crossfit wods.Like this…CrossFit swimming WODS. I am a horrible swimmer (and by horrible I mean that I spend the entire time messing around with my goggles and swim cap and trying not to sink) and managed to suck it up this weekend and swim with Chris not once, but twice! My body is thanking me today and my wrist is feeling a lot better after spraining it last week. Instead of doing today’s WOD, which would not have gone well seeing as I am fighting some sort of MCL and wrist injury, i found moves that I could do without hurting myself further and got my ass kicked. While it would have been nice to compare last years time on today’s workout to what I could do today, I decided to be smart about it. This doesn’t happen often, but I am happy I did it.
Mobility is probably one of the most important and overlooked aspects of training. Mobility prior to WODS can make a world of difference. GO HERE and your life will be changed forever.
Eating properly, especially while training hard, and taking your FISH OIL, is also extremely important when fighting an injury. Without the proper nutrients, your body sure as hell won’t heal itself.
I’m also one to self-diagnose problems. Not necessarily the best idea, but if you’ve been dealing with an on-going problem and ice, rest, and mobilizing aren’t helping after a few weeks, go see someone. As athletes, we need to learn to ask for help.


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