A brilliant crossfit bag, a potential cheat day, and a few other things.

So there are a number of more important things that I could talk about and a bunch of things I definitely plan on addressing. These include the importance of sleep, why alcohol is horrible for an athlete (anyone really for that matter- i’m realistic though, I know you won’t give it up), why i love crossfit, and why women NEED to lift weights. But right now I am watching law and order and drooling over a crossfit bag. For all of you that know me, you know that I carry a crap-load of ‘stuff’ around with me all the time. I have a gym bag that stays at the gym that has tape, bandaids, foam roller, lacrosse ball, 3 outfits at least, progenex, lifting shoes, inov-8s, wrist wraps, just to name a few. (i’m missing a whole bunch of things but don’t feel like listing everything.) I also have my Lululemon bag I bring with me every day that has my computer, my planner, wallet, lunch bag, things like that. So this bag I found, the King Kong Bag, would make my life SO much easier. I found it thanks to liftbigeatbig. A wonderful little website that never ceases to occupy large amounts of my time. So this bag would carry everything all at once and all I would need to do each day is bring my little purse bag, It would also keep everything in compartments so that nothing was strewn about. So I’m deciding between buying myself some crossfit equipment (this bag and reebok lifting shoes) and some nice normal person clothing. Some beautiful frye boots and some other little accessories I’ve been eying for quite some time (at least 4 months) to be exact. But let’s be realistic, how can I justify spending money on normal people stuff when I literally live in spandex? Anyways, I wish someone would just ‘gift’ this stuff to me. So basically, buy it for me. That would be awesome.

I feel like all i do is go to the grocery store. Maybe I shouldn’t eat so much. Speaking of eating, I am contemplating having a good cheat day this weekend. like some frozen yogurt or something. I always struggle with making that decision. I know how horrible I will feel afterwards and I know I will regret it. But frozen yogurt is really good. Especially the self serve stuff. My favorite flavors tend to be the sorbet-fruity ones like mango or berry mixed with something like sugar-free (I know, I know) vanilla. There is a good chance I won’t have any, but I am definitely thinking about it. Chris makes fun of me all the time because my cheat days consist of raspberries, unsweetened dried mango, and large amounts of almond butter. Still paleo but whatever. Way higher carb than normal.

Chris and I went swimming today. (3rd time so far) I’m proud of myself. I also swam freestyle the entire time. This is a pretty big accomplishment for me. I usually swim breaststroke half the time because its way easier. I’m not a great swimmer as I mentioned before. Chris is. His swim wods are badass. I don’t think I could ever complete them. But today felt way easier than the first two days so I’m pretty excited about it. We’ll probably go this weekend again. I don’t enjoy smelling like a pool though, thats for sure.

On a completely different note.
my knee brace/support things came today. I CAN SQUAT without pain. YAY they help stabilize my knees and since my mcl is all messed up from last weeks 200 lb squat clean attempt, I am super excited. http://www.jackalsgym.com/store.aspx?prod_id=RH-KS2
At a hefty 33.95 each, they better be awesome…don’t worry they are!

I’m hoping to make some awesome ceviche this weekend. My dad’s girlfriend Ali has an unbelievable recipe for it. I will definitely share this after I make it. She also has a company called medi-rocks. For anyone out there needing medical alert jewelry, she makes fashionable and cute versions. Even for kids. Her website doesn’t have the new ones yet but I’ve seen them. and LOVE them. Everyone should check it out here.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my random post today. It’s been a long week and I’m very sore and don’t have the energy to do some real research on things.

Train hard, eat up, and sleep well. I know I will.


One response to “A brilliant crossfit bag, a potential cheat day, and a few other things.

  1. I bought a great bag from Datsusara, their Light Gear Bag. Great size, made of hemp do nice and breathable and comes with a “Nasty Sack” which is a separate drawstring sack that you put wet clothes in. Love it. Thought about the King King Bag, I love the shoe compartment system. Shipping to Australia is a problem though. Thanks for the blog!!

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