Get off the Damn Scale

The Scale
Like nutrition, this can be a pretty loaded subject. and as a woman I have spent the majority of my life as a slave to the stupid little square that lays on the ground and gives us a number which in turn, determines our self worth. Let me clue you guys in on something- that number, means absolute SHIT. (yes i decided to swear for this one- I felt it was appropriate.) The number that we weigh has been telling us our entire lives if we are ‘in-shape’ or not and I have spent quite some time self-loathing due to it. I’ve always weighed more than that wonderful little chart at the doctor’s office told me I should weigh. (this BMI Chart- which is also a crock of SHIT) I’ve also always been ripped. Even when I was younger. I was born with a Colombian ass and that will NEVER change. It could be why I can squat twice my bodyweight. Anyways…BMI, which is what your doctor’s use to tell you what you should weigh determined by your height, is absurdly inaccurate. I, along with every other competitive crossfitter I know, lies in the overweight or obese section. At <15% body fat, i can assure you, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am NOT obese.
The number on the scale means nothing. If you want a good understanding of if you need to lose weight or not, get your body fat tested.

This website also gives you what ranges you should be in. Women should shoot for under 24% and men under 17%. These are low numbers but they are what I think you should be at as an athlete.

This a great example of why the number on the scale doesn’t mean anything. I have more but I need to find them.

One of the amazing ladies and athletes of our gym got to destroy her scale today. IT WAS AWESOME. I am including some photos of the event.

So anyways, as we know, muscle weighs more than fat. For this reason alone, ignore the number on the scale and start worrying about how you feel and how you perform in the gym. I can guarantee you that the stronger and faster you get, the lower your body fat will go, and the better you will feel.

I haven’t weighed myself in probably 4 or 5 years. (with the exception of doing so to take my body fat). So get over yourself. Get over that damn number on the scale and whatever number you have in your head that you think will be the perfect weight. Don’t lie, I know you have one. You’ll never be happy with yourself if you think a number will make you happy. Get in the gym, lift some weights, do some pull-ups and start making some goals that make you feel good about yourself and increase your performance capabilities. THEN, and only THEN, will you be happy when you look in the mirror. Because in the end, being proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved is worth more than anything else.


2 responses to “Get off the Damn Scale

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  2. Love these pics!!!!!! Great post. Sincerely, Tom

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