Transformations and one of my best friends, Shaina Jordan.

So as sort of an addition to yesterday’s post about the uselessness of the scale I am going to try and keep this shorter.

One of my favorite people and one of the most bad ass women that I know, ‘Ma,’ has gone through a kick-ass transformation in the past 6 years. She worked her ass off and continues to put in the time every day to be better and better.
She eats paleo and does CrossFit. shocker right!

On a completely different note. One of my best friends, Shaina, has started a blog and I am so excited because I have one more way to stalk her now. You all should too. She’s a brilliant writer and can lift more than 90% of the men I know. (However, I can beat her on front squat and back squat. She doesn’t like to talk about it) She’s insanely badass. We are kindred souls (although she has perfect grammar and mine is horrible) and will eventually grow old together, live in the mountains with our respective mates, and yell at people who have horrible squat form. (More on this at another time but one of my new life mantras and a quote by Shaina is as follows- “There are some things that I’ll joke about…like endurance sports and running. But there is no sarcasm about squat depth. There is only one type of squat and that is below parallel. Everything else is a curtsy.”)

This is her blog. READ IT ALL THE TIME.


One response to “Transformations and one of my best friends, Shaina Jordan.

  1. you are amazing and I love love love the tiedye. Maybe one day I can write with perfect grammer just like you!!!

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