The CrossFit Open 2012

So Wednesday night at approximately 6pm, the CrossFit Open will commence. For everyone reading this from PFCF, if you haven’t signed up. DO IT NOW. CLICK HERE. This is a chance for you to get some experience in a pseudo competition setting. You will also be helping out our team by adding to the number of people competing. The ‘Open’ is meant to be all inclusive and everyone is able to compete. Don’t believe me? Click HERE
All of the athletes have been working their butts off at the gym to compete. It will be 1 workout a day for 5 weeks. (For all of you one the edge of whether or not you want to compete- you will be doing the wods anyways, so you may as well sign up. There is no age limit. There are actually age groups. AND it doesn’t matter how long or how advanced you are.) At the end, the top 60 men and 60 women from each region, along with teams, will go on to regionals which will (I think) be held in Castle Rock this year. Last year was an unbelievable experience. I will include some shots of regionals. One of the most challenging competitions I have ever done but also one of the most rewarding. Just being a part of the action is fun and the crossfit community that we have in Colorado and our region in general is unbelievable.

So anyways, I think everyone should sign up. It is a great experience and tons of fun.


2 responses to “The CrossFit Open 2012

  1. I am excited J! I have enjoyed reading your blogs keep it up chica!

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