Pulling One’s Head Out Of One’s Ass

So since i injured myself a few weeks ago, i haven’t been the same. I’ve had no energy, no motivation, my performance is down, and I constantly feel like shit. When you’re physically out for the count, you mentally suffer. At least in my experience. the two are intrinsically linked. It’s been hard to deal with this especially so close to a competition. The mental side of this experience is what i am struggling with because I want to be performing well and I want to keep my head up…but it hasn’t been working. It’s a horrible f*ing cycle. So i’ve been trying to buck up.
It is always more mental than it is physical and I am getting back into a routine so that I can do so. I’ve looked at all aspects of my life to try and systematically figure out what the hell is wrong with me…nutrition hasn’t changed in the past few weeks, workout volume has decreased because of my wrist and knee, and no life changes have occurred that should put me in this rut. SO what the hell is it then? And how do I get out of it. As athletes, this is going to happen to us. We are going to have our days or our weeks for whatever reason and we need to be able to get past them mentally and come out the other side on top. Anything you can do to fix whatever is wrong is good in my books. Take a few days off, go for a hike, hell, eat some cake…It doesn’t matter. Just do it.

I’m dialing in my meal plan this week. (even though I thought it was well dialed in) There will be no more cheat days (even though I really never had many cheat days anyways) on the weekends during the open except for some berries when I need the extra boost, I’ll be taking ice baths on my rest days and after the open wods, and spending hours on mobility (nothing new here either), I’ll continue to nurse my injuries and ice often, and go all out on the open wods. My goal is to do better than I did last year (12th at regionals) and If we decide to go team, well we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it as my mom always said.
I’m hoping this is all just a fluke. It’s happened before and I always expect it to happen again. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow when I pull my head out of my ass.

This is the quote I read every time before I workout- it’s my favorite and always gets me ready to go.

For any of you who bought our wodbooks or are planning on it- I’ve had it put on the back of the books. Everyone should find what works for you and gets you ready to go- what motivates you, and what inspires you and then use that as fuel to stoke your fire.


3 responses to “Pulling One’s Head Out Of One’s Ass

  1. I’m thinking some spring and summer weather with will do all of us some good.

  2. Sometimes, all it takes is someone to tell you, “Get your head out of your ass.” Thanks coach =) Other times, you need a pat on the back: Yes, you feel like shit; you’re also blowing your old times and weights out of the water with consistency, your training is more intense, and you have much higher expectations of yourself (I keep saying YOU but we both know I’m really talking about ME, and by extension, ATHLETES).

    Thanks for the reminder J. We’ll get through our respective ruts (eventually)!

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