Strong versus Weak

So for those of you who know me, you know that I am fairly outspoken and I never turn down a chance to argue something that I am passionate about. Some even may go as far as to say I am an ASSHOLE. I won’t argue with you on that. I have standards and I hold everyone to them…with exceptions. I don’t tolerate cheating or lying. Two things which my father instilled in me at a early age. I was allowed to do anything I wanted as a kid however, if I lied about it or cheated, well I just never pushed the line there because I was too afraid to find out the repercussions. I’m not saying I never lied as a kid. I’d call it avoiding the truth. But I never outright lied and to this day, I expect others to do the same. (Not to lie or cheat) I take this to extreme at times and I take things very personally when I catch people cheating on workouts or when they cheat by shorting the move. (I view this as the same- cheating and shorting the move) I am not saying I am perfect because you can bet your ass that there are workouts that my form is not great and that I lose track of reps. I am talking about the intentional shorting of movement, consistently every day. You know who you are. anyways- I have a hard time dealing with this and I take it personally and I lose respect for those who intentionally cheat or short themselves. I totally understand the argument that you are only cheating yourself and blah blah blah- but you are not. You are cheating everyone who puts their name on the board and compares themselves to you. But whatever, More on that another day. That is not what I am here to talk about. That was only to let you guys know that I can be an asshole and while I may apologize for going over the top once in a while, I will never apologize for the standards that I hold myself and others to. I expect a lot of myself and a lot from others. That is just the way I was raised.

So I am here to talk about an event that occurred this morning…and well, occurs quite often in this line of work- Women’s body issues and eating issues (not just women but that seems to be the more talked about topic) as well as the importance of lifting weights.
This morning on facebook (yes I know another facebook argument- I don’t care) a coach I have the utmost respect for was in some sort of argument/conversation with some women on the tracy anderson method (I had never heard of this until this morning) facebook page. I actually saw a video last night on youtube with Chris of Gwyneth Paltrow’s workout regimen. We were in disbelief last night and went to bed fairly amused/disgusted (I was disgusted, Chris rolls his eyes at me when I make a big deal out of things) at the fact she can call herself fit…and the fact that Tracy Anderson (referred to TA from now on) says that women shouldn’t lift more than 3 lbs. I’m sure a lot of you out there are already fairly shocked at this because groceries, children, small rocks, not to mention barbells, all weigh more than 3 lbs. Hell, the beef I cook in the crockpot weighs more than 3 lbs. Imagine not being able to cook your own food. I mean seriously.

Well anyways…TA trains some hollywood celebrities I guess and her workout routines seem to involve leg raises, arm circles, and some crazy resistance band s**t that she claims to have invented. (I didn’t look into it enough- It was pretty pathetic and I really don’t give a s**t about anything that woman says- she’s a wacko) So this coach that I respect was arguing with these women on facebook on the TA facebook page. You can go here and check it out.

I guess there has been a crossfit takeover on her page which I find absolutely hilarious. Once again, I totally believe the ‘to each his own’ thing, but as I mentioned before, I am an asshole and that won’t change. So basically TA is advocating that women don’t lift more than 3 lbs and to do this dance routine for 45 minutes for your ‘cardio.’ and all sorts of other fun stuff that, as crossfitters, we don’t believe in. But the real important thing here is the nutrition and weightlifting aspect of TA’s regimen that is absolute bulls**t and that is super unhealthy.
There’s a ton of information out there that lifting weights is necessary for women…I really haven’t heard any scientific studies saying you shouldn’t lift any weight. (I may take this to the extreme by lifting as heavy as possible and I am not advocating everyone needs to do that- but weights in general are very important) I will include some articles I found quickly. I don’t feel like looking in to this a whole bunch. I don’t see the need to. Most of you reading this already lift weights, and if you don’t- well I don’t care what you think.
One of the best resources for strength training…liftbigeatbig and funniest.
another one.
a comprehensive list but I am not going to look into the sources, once again I could care less.
and skinny fat
you should even lift during pregnancy.
If you want to go find some scientific articles go to google scholar and have at it.

There is this thing called SKINNY-FAT. it is when you appear to be thin and ‘fit’ by today’s standards. But in reality you are fat as s**t and you couldn’t sprint a 400m or do a pull-up. (i.e. the majority of the women on the TA facebook page)
I will give you a little history with my experience here… I used to be one of them. I had an eating disorder for a really really long time. As long as I can remember, I had some eating issues. In one form or another. I wanted to be as thin as possible…this was never going to happen. I have a Colombian ass and I have my dads genes…I have been jacked my entire life and I’ve been an athlete my entire life. I will never be skinny. That is just the way it is. I hated myself for a long time because of it. and I did everything I could to be skinny. From not eating to working out for 3+ hours a day. Guess what- none of it worked. I just hated myself more. Then I found crossfit and began seeing food as fuel and the rest is history. I can now dead lift 2.5x my body weight (365 lbs), squat 2x my bodyweight (290 lbs), and clean almost 200 lbs. and do 30+ pullups and muscles ups and sometimes I can walk on my hands- but only sometimes. I can also carry in my groceries with ease, hike to the top of mountains, and (on occasion) I can rock 5 inch heals and look damn good doing it. I don’t weigh 115 lbs but 50 years from now, I will still be doing all those things when the rest of those TA women are in nursing homes because they can’t take care of themselves and their bones are breaking.

So if you think Crossfit makes you bulky, I don’t care. It develops your musculature and it makes you strong. If you feel bulky, lose some damn body fat, not muscle. Being lean and strong is way sexier (in my opinion of course) than being frail and weak. Because if you think being super skinny like that is sexy, you will NEVER, I repeat, you will NEVER be happy with your body. I know this from experience.

So- lets talk about nutrition quickly- TA’s nutrition advice for Gwyneth is here and here.

and evidently a lot of her clients look anorexic sort of like Gwyneth. Because that is just sexy as hell. And they think Cameron is manly…

You should all know my take on nutrition. It’s paleo and I’ve talked about it before.
I don’t really see the need to argue with people like this…if they want to look like skeletons and get osteoporosis when they are Gwyneth’s age. cool, go for it. But count me out. I will take my weightlifting and meat any day. And I’m pretty sure my sexy ass boyfriend prefers me with some major quads than spiky butt bones.

If this is your thing, go for it…

but I like this way more…

Anyways- I bought new cowboy boots today and I can’t wait to wear them with shorts and show off my massive quads.


9 responses to “Strong versus Weak

  1. I wouldn’t normally comment but I’m an ASSHOLE, too. I agree with you that women should be strong and I think CrossFit is an outstanding program to get them there. This blog highlights the beautiful women that CrossFit produces with REAL bodies and I think it should serve as an inspiration for all women….not TA, she’s a moron.

    • Concerned Male (I like it),
      I agree. And I am definitely a fan of wildgorillaman. Awesome stuff!!
      Thanks for reading,

  2. What, you wouldn’t by a “Body By Gwyneth” DVD?

  3. I just found your blog trough a friend’s link, so I hope it’s not too creepy if I comment.
    BS like this always makes me laugh. I used to be a gymnast in college, and we had to lift very heavy because we had to be able to support our body weight and swing gracefully on the uneven bars. However, I was not “bulky” at all. I was petite, but I was strong, lean ( and mean). My muscles were functional and I was able to actually do things like compete in gymnastics, hike, carry my grocery bags, play tennis, walk up a hill, dress myself.
    The only time I got bulky was when I started grad school, stopped working out, and started eating junk (and it wasn’t muscle bulk).
    After a long hiatus I’m back to working out, and the only way I’ve been able to improve my strength and lose inches of fat is by lifting challenging weights. They can keep their pink dumbbels, I’ll stick to my heavy weights and I’ll keep flaunting my arms and legs.

  4. “no woman should ever hold more than a 3lbs weight”…. excuse me? That workout wouldn’t sculpt my arms or glutes in a million years!

  5. Hi there! My name is Alison. I heard about your blog from my boyfriend who sent me this page about TA. Thing is, I’d heard of her once before, in a roundabout way. A friend who lifts complained on facebook “I hate TA!” Not knowing who she was, I googled her, spelled the name wrong and stumbled upon Tracey Andersson. A world of difference between the two women! One’s a nutjob who gave Gwyneth Paltrow osteopenia and the other is a hammer thrower from Sweden… Anyway, I wanted to share my happy accident with you about the OTHER TA 🙂

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