A Little History and Some Nonsense

10 minutes of snatches…
Thats a dream come true after 7 minutes of burpees…not that it will be easy but it plays off of my ‘strengths’ more so than other things.

So I don’t have anything important to write about tonight but I figured it was needed seeing as I am going to be gone for the rest of the week…

I have gotten and continue to get a number of questions pertaining to whether or not it is safe for me to lift as heavy as I do after having back surgery. A little background first- I injured by back snowboarding. I was a competitive snowboarder towards the end of highschool and the very beginning of college. (not pro- competitive) and years of throwing myself off 60-70 foot kickers led to a lot of impact on my spine.
A few years ago I was riding with a friend of mine and took a few bad falls that ended my season. Long story short, a few months later I found out I needed surgery. So basically, if I took a 150 lb barbell and jumped up and down with it on my shoulders a few hundred times, I would need surgery again. (potentially. I can’t really find a better way of explaining it) I wasn’t lifting anything heavy or putting weight over my head. I was falling from 60 ft+ out of the air and on to the ground. Over and over and over.
I’m naturally strong. I have been strong since I was a kid. My mom used to give me jars to open when she couldn’t when I was like 6 (true story). I can thank my parents for excellent athletic genes and for throwing me outside instead of in front of a television when I was younger.

The first time I picked up a barbell I could lift over 300 lbs. That could be an exaggeration but not by much. I also spent quite a bit of time working on midline stabilization after I had surgery…
Anyways, I am really strong and I never had to work for it. Now I do but mainly because it is fun and applicable to everyday life. If you are in a burning building I could throw you over my shoulder and drag you out. If you were under a car, there is a good chance that I could manage to move the car enough and get you out.
Being strong is just useful.
Back to my back- So I listen to my body. Since I’ve always been an athlete I understand the difference between good and bad pain. I happen to love the good kind. But I know my body and I know when I need to stop doing something or to not do it. and I listen to it. (Unless I’m mid WOD, then I keep going) It is really important to do this. When you don’t- that’s when injuries occur. It is also really important to listen to your COACHES and to use PROPER FORM. I don’t feel like going into that more because to me it’s obvious. There is a video in the media section under the VIDEO link or you can just click HERE It is of me deadlifting. I missed a lift after that because I wasn’t set up properly. The video is not there, but it was obvious to me as soon as I saw it why I missed the lift. YOU NEED TO PRACTICE PROPER FORM.
Practice does not make perfect…perfect practice makes perfect…so suck it up and do it right.

Sometimes you are allowed to screw around…

On a completely different note. I was accepted into graduate school today. UCDenver Masters of Architecture. While I wear spandex everyday and live in a gym…I am also an artist.

It’s another one of those things I’ve done my entire life.

My website is HERE
So in August I will be going to school in Denver. I’ll talk more about that experience and what I’m looking forward to/apprehensive about at another time.

Anyways…I will be in Telluride all weekend with my father and his friends. Have a lovely weekend full of recovery from snatches and bacon.


2 responses to “A Little History and Some Nonsense

  1. Jaelyn, I am a 2008 graduate of the UCD Masters Architecture program if you’d like to ask anything or know anything in general about it!

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