WOD 12.2, an Epic Meal, and Lifting Heavy Things.

I got 90 reps on WOD 12.2. I was happy but not excited. I wanted the 120 and I had it easily before the WOD. I guess that’s what 90 reps will do to you. I’m not a fan of chasing my way back to the top. I dont know how to phrase that but you know what I mean. I had a feeling that would happen though. Same thing that happened to me at regionals last year via the running wod. I know my weaknesses and once in a while I choose to tackle them. The rest of the time, I choose to do the things i love. And I’m really only talking about running because I worked on burpees. I have an excuse for not running (injuries) but I work through injuries when its something I really want to do. Anyways- I am not going to make an excuse for my suckage. I just sucked on the first wod and I should work more at my weaknesses. That is if I want to be good at them and thats another entirely different topic.

So telluride was great this weekend. (except the snow was amazing and I wasn’t able to ride because of my knee) But I was able to see my father and his friends which was entertaining as always. The drive was snowy.

So unlike the majority of my meals that I eat when around my father (since he is a huge fan of NOT eating), I had one of the most epic meals of my life on Friday night. it is a tiny restaurant in Rico, CO and the chef is pretty unbelievable. I’m fairly certain that my tuna was 2 lbs (I’m not kidding). It was literally three times the size of my fist. AND, I ate all of it.

Like most of my conversations, crossfit and training comes up. And as usual, lifting things came up again. Most of my conversations with my dad go as follows

Dad- Don’t lift heavy things. You are destroying your back
Me- How am I supposed to go about my daily life without being able to move objects?
Dad- (frustrated and annoyed with me) You don’t need to lift 60 lbs over your head Jaelyn. (he pronounces my name differently when he’s annoyed)
Me- I don’t lift 60 lbs over my head (I really lift a lot more than that)
Dad- If you want to destroy your back even more I won’t be responsible for it. You can operate on your own back. (He was my surgeon)
Me- Dad, I don’t lift anything that is too heavy. (whatever that means)

Conversation ends without any resolution. Some variation of this occurs almost every time I am with him. He insists that I shouldn’t lift (heavy) weights because a. I am his daughter and b. It is bad for my back. I insist that I didn’t injure my back lifting weights and that my back is stronger than it has ever been. Which it is.
It’s literally impossible to have a conversation about this because he is a doctor and he is my father and he knows best. I am as stubborn (if not more so) than he is and I know my body. While it may be true that lifting over 350# is not necessarily GREAT for my back…I wouldn’t really know from the perspective of a weight lifter…because I haven’t been one for very long. All I know is that if it hurts (in a bad way) I don’t do it. If it hurts because my muscles are tired and sore than I am doing my job properly. I am often nervous when it comes to throwing weight overhead. I know that it causes a ton of axial loading- which doesn’t feel great. I have a horrible time of jerking weight from behind my neck…I can basically push press 185# up and OHS it 3 times. When I jerk it instead, well, it’s just magical. But when my back hurts- I don’t lift. I also don’t run. Which is horrible for your body…my father agrees on this one.
I could care less if you tell me that running is good. It’s not. I like to jog sometimes because it’s faster than walking and I love sprints. But hate running and running long distances is not good for you. Check out any elite marathon runner. They look like s**t. (Once again, if you think that is sexy than we will disagree on almost everything and I don’t care what you think)
As cliche as it gets…

Sprinters on the other hand- are awesome.

Ok so I like to lift heavy things. So does SHAINA. She is, arguably, better at it. I’ll let her have that.

Anyways, I am getting an MRI on my knee this week. Maybe then I will know what I need to do to fix it, because it was trashed after the snatch WOD.
I haven’t stopped icing it.


3 responses to “WOD 12.2, an Epic Meal, and Lifting Heavy Things.

  1. The marathoner/sprinter pic is awesome thats what I want to show people when they ask why im not running races anymore

  2. That was very entertaining and I would love to be a fly on the wall when you and your father convrse. He is always the winner, but I suspect as time goes, on and you have more life experiences that will change, Your an amazing person all around and I enjoy your time.

  3. sorry about some of the spelling errors I was typing fast and with nails. The comma errors FUCK it!!!

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