Remaining Injury Free

I want everyone to remain injury free. So once again, I am going to speak about the importance of using proper technique. One of the reasons we do what we do as crossfitters is to make our daily lives easier. We learn how to properly move external objects and properly move our own bodies through space. When we do these things incorrectly, we are teaching ourselves to move incorrectly….through space. Sounds awesome right!? WRONG. I can’t tell you how many times I see people practice horrible movement patterns over and over and over again. Its nauseating. And I get a lot of crap for yelling at people, but I don’t care. If you continue to squat wrong, you are never, and I mean never, going to get any better. You are also going to injure yourself. When you squat with your feet pointed out like a duck and your knees track inwards, you are putting your knees at risk. And when you add a loaded barbell to the equation, well, you are setting yourself up for some pretty horrible things. So 1- You won’t get better and 2- You will injure yourself. Here’s 3- You are training your body to move in an inefficient and improper way. So basically your daily life will suck more than it already does. You’re entire body is going to be uncomfortable when you move improperly- think lower back and hips that scream at you all day. And this is just one example- knees tracking in with toes ducked out on a squat. There are dozens of examples. Probably hundreds. So how do we fix this problem of sucking? We practice good movement patterns, over and over and over again. We don’t short movements, and we don’t add weight when we haven’t shown proficiency unloaded. We MOBILIZE. This is a huge aspect that most people miss…without open hips and shoulders, you are definitely not going to get into a good position to put weight over your head. So when people complain that they didn’t do well in a wod that had a whole bunch of thrusters or overhead squats or even pullups for that matter, well there is a good chance that you aren’t moving well and your air squat, front squat, and over head position could use some work. There is also a good chance that you never come in on heavy days and scale down…want to be good at heavy wods? Go heavier, practice lifts, and COME IN ON HEAVY DAYS.

Moral of the story? If you want to suck less, Practice good movement patterns, and I mean perfect practice makes perfect…so practice these things until they are close to perfect. Because lets face it, they will never be perfect. (I include myself in this- we are always getting better and perfecting form but the reason I can squat 290 lbs is because I practice squatting properly a whole bunch and the reason I can deadlift 365 lbs is that I use proper technique.) and go heavy, you aren’t going to get stronger by squatting 65 lbs five hundred times with bad technique. You are going to get stronger by lifting heavier. So COME IN ON HEAVY DAYS. Oh and MOBILIZE, MOBILIZE, MOBILIZE.

Enough of that- My surgery went well and I am currently laying on a couch, watching law and order, icing my knee, and eating sushi. I am excited to get back to Colorado (on Friday) and I am very very excited to Squat. That’s really all I want to do. Squat without pain.


I’ll write something again on 12.5, the open, and looking ahead to Regionals at another time.


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