Injuries as Blessings in Disguise

SO I thought I’d address the topic of injuries as a method of improving your performance. Odd I know. But something that is pertinent to my life currently and something that I have found to be particularly interesting.
I have been taken out of sport seasons due to injuries through out  my entire life. I have played sports my entire life and that is just what comes with the territory. I’ve had horrible ankle sprained and torn ligaments, shoulder injuries, herniated disc and fractured back, and most recently knee surgery. I was fairly devastated and frustrated when i realized there would be a  good chance that this would take me out of the CrossFit Open. I had a pity party for myself for a few weeks and I used it as an excuse to be sad and upset. I’m not sure when it happened but at some point I managed to pull my head out of my ass and kick myself into gear. I’ve used my injury, more recently, as an excuse to work on weaknesses (other than running because I’ve been told not to- bummer) and get really good at things that I often overlooked. My butterfly pull ups are now pretty badass. I also work on muscle ups consistently and they’ve gotten really good, even when tired. I’ve also practiced L sits and ring dips and strict handstand push ups. Things that while I may do once in a while, I put on the back burner for things like squats and dead lifts…because they are obviously more fun. But I have noticed a really big difference and I’m happy that I am putting in the work…it’s paying off. I’m also doing a fairly large volume of work in general. Working on longer and less intense wods that I would normally do and doing a ton of two a days. Why? because I can. I am listening to my body and taking really good care of my knee. I’m also training like a Banshee. It’s working well and I feel great.

So next time you are injured, don’t let it discourage you. The easiest thing you can do is have a pity party and stop working hard and start feeling bad for yourself. I did it. I shouldn’t have, but I did. So learn from my mistakes. Use your injury as an opportunity to work on things you aren’t good at and to recover properly. Your body will thank you. And who knows, maybe you will turn a weakness into a strength. Your injury could a be a blessing in disguise.

And on another note… to all you parents out there. (I don’t intend on insulting you but this is very important) Giving your children candy to snack on and things like goldfish to eat is NOT okay. I don’t care if they are kids or about the ‘kids need to be kids’ thing. NEWS FLASH- KIDS CAN’T BE KIDS WHEN THEY ARE FAT AND LAZY AND HAVE DIABETES. That candy you feed them before they sit in front of the television and those goldfish they eat before they do their homework is essentially a drug. Yes, SUGAR is a drug. Would you give your children cigarettes or a beer before they did their homework? NO, you wouldn’t. If you answered yes, you shouldn’t have children.
Illustration of this- Children (and adults for that matter) will gorge themselves on sugar until they make themselves sick. Go into any restaurant and you will see this…all over the place. Eating a pint of icecream for desert- not normal. Do you see people or kids for that matter do this with any other type of food? NO. Only high glycemic carbohydrates and sugars. I have never seen a child eat too many apples or too much chicken…they  stop when they are full. But they will, pretty regularly if you let them, eat too much candy or sweets. SO- SUGAR IS A DRUG. I don’t feel like going into this further. If you don’t believe me, you shouldn’t be reading my blog because we fundamentally disagree on life.
STOP giving it to your children. I don’t care if they like it and they want it. They aren’t dogs so don’t reward them with food. If they want something sweet, give them a damn apple. It won’t give them diabetes or make them obese. The same way you wouldn’t want them getting cancer in twenty years if they smoked cigarettes, you don’t want them to be so fat they can’t go for a hike or tie their own shoes.
(I am not a parent, and I don’t intend on becoming one…but I do know that kids do not need to be eating that shit…the same shit that we take out of our diets because it makes us fat. So don’t give it to them. If they are hungry enough, they will eat the broccoli and chicken that you make for dinner and the fruit that you give them for desert. If they don’t, well then they are just not hungry enough. A child will not starve itself because it doesn’t have candy. End of story.


2 responses to “Injuries as Blessings in Disguise

  1. Thank you for this rant about sugar!! I completely agree! I honestly just had my father-in-law say to me the other night that I better not be planning on depriving my son of “treats” when he’s older (he’s only 10 months now). DEPRIVE?? Really? How is not allowing your child to eat poison (aka sugar aka “treats”) depriving him of anything??? What really would deprive a child is to allow them to eat these “treats” and then get so fat that they can’t enjoy life the way its meant to be enjoyed – outside playing and being active – not sitting on their asses watching TV. I’m so tired of everyone being so backwards when it comes to what they eat!

    • hahaha. I’m glad you liked it and I’m so glad to hear that you won’t be feeding your child tons of sugar!!!

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