Strong is not the new skinny and lifting heavy things.

Sorry I’ve been slacking lately. It was a hectic week last week. Anyways, I have a few things to talk about…no surprise there.
1. strong is not the new sexy…maybe it is…but you’ll see what I mean.
2. the reason you are not strong is because you never lift anything heavy.

okay, so…I was reading some blog or article the other day and I have decided to write about the same topic as the writer (I have no idea where I read this so I’m sorry)…this whole strong is the new skinny movement. I have tons of friends who wear the t-shirts and post things on facebook and pinterest and all that fun stuff. You know the type- the sexy fit woman with an inspirational quote printed somewhere near or over her. But guess what, these pictures  that are representing this ‘movement’ are total crap. They are the same thing as skinny wannabe model women posting photos of models. Looking at pictures of fitness models and sweat drenched, ripped women (and men) and saying strong is the new sexy is a whole bunch of bulls**t. These women, while they may be strong, represent 5% of the ‘fit’ population and guess what!? There is a really good chance that you will never look like them. Why? because a. they are genetically gifted or b. they work their asses off and have their nutrition and workout regimens dialed in to the point that they devote their lives to it…there is a good chance that you are not willing to do that…I’m sorry, but it’s true. (Side note- looking like that is bad ass. I’ll explain that in a minute.) And if you really believed that strong is the new skinny or whatever, you wouldn’t care because being strong and fit would be way more important than being skinny…which is what those women are…for the most part. SO- stop posting those damn ‘inspirational’ posters. They are not inspirational. They are total crap and are the same as ads in magazines of models who don’t eat. These ‘fit’ women may have better bodies in our opinion but its the same message- your self worth is based on how you look. It shouldn’t be! I’m not saying looking like that is a bad thing- it is a bad ass thing. And striving for that can be beneficial for some. I’m saying basing your self worth on what you look like is not cool. The whole problem with this is that we are looking at an image of someone to tell us what we should look like. That is absurd.  Work out, eat well, be healthy and when you feel good on the inside, you’ll be happy with how you look on the outside.COME ON NOW. REALLY?
Which brings me to my second topic…
2. Come in on heavy days! I am so tired of people coming in to the gym and avoiding lifts. (this does not include people who haven’t learned the lifts or who have an injury) I am talking to all of you out there who don’t come in on heavy days i.e. the crossfit total and who scale every single heavy lift (once again- scaling is necessary…but you know the type i’m talking about the “i don’t want to lift heavy and get bulky” and blah blah blah). There is a reason we program lifts and heavy workouts…when you skip them, you are cheating yourself and you WILL NOT get stronger and the rest of your wods will suck. (Once again. I am not saying not to scale weights. I am saying not to cheat yourself out of lifting heavy. There is a big difference and there is no point in taking this the wrong way. There is a difference between scaling when it is necessary and when it is not) When you don’t practice lifting heavy objects, you won’t be able to lift any heavy objects in other workouts. End of story. It isn’t that complicated. You are not going to get better at deadlifts by running… I’m sorry.
So, stop avoiding lifting…you do crossfit. Not pilates or jazzersize or turbokick…we lift things. And you will not get better at lifting things, by not lifting them.


11 responses to “Strong is not the new skinny and lifting heavy things.

  1. i really enjoyed this entry! our individuality is a beautiful gift, bodies included.

  2. You forgot to mention that all the SITNS photos have models with a jump rope, or 10lb dumbbells in their hands. Watch out, we got a badass over here!

  3. Found your blog through Paleomg, and I’m devouring everything you have to say.
    This post is beautiful. I love the fact that I can tell you’re angry about these issues, because it’s something worth being angry about! I don’t want anything to be the new skinny. Skinny is something that is forced on women from every direction, in every form, with no respect for what really makes us beautiful and awesome. I love being strong, but if strong is now forced on me at the expense of everything ELSE that makes me me, it’s no longer awesome. Skinny needs to go away. Not “being skinny” or real “skinny people”, because some people are that way naturally, but every expectation and distortion that comes with the concept of skinny. Don’t replace it with something else to distort. Don’t make my strength a social requirement. Just let me be happy.
    Oh, and heavy lifting is awesome 🙂 My mom and I call each other excitedly every time we hit a new clean max, or any max for that matter!

    • Thanks Juniper! I’m glad you like what I have to say. haha. The whole movement, if you want to call it that, annoys me sometimes and I tend to say what I think. And lifting heavy IS awesome! I wish my mom did the same!!

  4. Amen sista! I think that all the time! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

  5. Reblogged this on Train Your Body- Change Your Life! and commented:
    This is an awesome post by Where the Wild Things Play. I was really moved by it and hope you will be too!

  6. You know I feel like I’ve been kind of ignorant for not reading into the whole movement more – that once again we’re being based on how we look. I loved your little rant there, thanks for bringing that one up. It’s definitely given my something to think about today.
    As for the other part…i remember when I first started crossfit I was terrified of the heavy lifts. I was always terrified I was going to do it wrong or hurt myself or – heck, no – fail. Anyway, thanks to a couple of women at my gym and bloggers like you I’ve started going way heavier and found it’s actually where I excel.
    Anyway, great blog, I really liked reading it!

    • I’m so glad that you liked it! I usually tend to stray away from looking into things like this but on pinterest and facebook it can be hard to ignore…and I find it so frustrating that women have just switched from posting fashion models to posting images of fitness models…anyways, I’m glad you’ve started to lift heavy and like it!!!!

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