CrossFit Southwest Regionals 2012

So this past weekend was the 2012 CrossFit Southwest regionals. As expected, it was amazing. The venue was perfect, the weather was pretty great, the crowd was awesome, as were the performances by the athletes. I was quite disappointed I wasn’t able to compete, but I sort of knew it was going to happen going into it and I was prepared mentally. I am inspired and ready to come back strong next year. I am (sort of) ready to tackle my weaknesses (running in particular and maybe some handstand pushups). Anyways, Cody and Quinn absolutely destroyed it this weekend even though they were both sick last week. They sucked it up and performed the best they could and made it to the end. I was also able to see some awesome friends. Quinn ended up 15th and Cody ended up 9th. It was amazing to be a part of such an unbelievable experience with the two of them and I am honored to be part of the crossfit community that we have all created. The support from PFCF was (and is) outstanding and I am lucky to call PFCF my home. Image

So I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time or energy to put into writing or updating here. I am in the middle of closing on a house in Denver and the past few weeks have been hectic and stressful. I am moving up there for school towards the end of August. Don’t worry, I will be back on the weekend to call everyone out on their squat depth and technique! My move is only temporary and eventually I will be back living in the Springs. Anyways, this week brings lots of training, a new meal plan that I will attempt to follow, and lots of tribe time. I’ll eventually get back to updating this a bit more frequently!


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