Dedicated to CrossFit Women

To all you wonderful crossfit women…I am here to tell you that you are not alone…When you go shopping for jeans and they are too large on your waist but your thighs can’t breath…when you have one of those moments in the dressing room where you aren’t sure if you will be able to get that non-stretchy top off because you’re lats are so large…when you aren’t able to zip up the back of your dress because you have a massive back…And when you can’t find anything to wear because nothing stretches. I FEEL YA. Scratch that, I am you. That is what I go through every time I go shopping for something other than workout clothes, bathing suits, or food. I tried going shopping today for a dress for a wedding…it didn’t go well. It could have been the fact I went to one store and I never have luck in department stores. I am more of a small boutique type person where only one person asks you once if you need help. I don’t do well in department stores. I am easily distracted and overwhelmed and I don’t like people or perfume sections. Anyways, no luck today. I am just going to wear something that I have if you were still wondering about that.
I just wanted to let all of you ladies out there that you are not the only ones who have trouble finding clothes that are made for those of us with large quads and lats and smaller waists.
However, I will take being able to do 50 muscle ups and squat 290# and looking great in my tiny workout shorts over wearing uncomfortable non-stretchy pants any day. I hope all of you reading this would do the same as well…if you don’t, well frankly I don’t know why you are still reading it.

Large quads.
Large lats.
Boom (this is for Shaina Jordan)


3 responses to “Dedicated to CrossFit Women

  1. Crossfit Women are the BEST. Wouldn’t have ’em any other way =)

  2. jeggings are the answer! small waist and stretchy around the thighs. i have a pair of rock and republic jeggings that are the only pair that fit well…

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