Iceland and Greenland

So I’ve recently returned from Iceland and Greenland. Which was absolutely amazing…obviously. It was a completely different world (greenland) and something I’ve always wanted to experience. My father and I take a trip every year together and this year I chose Iceland. I’m going to write a little bit about what we did and the food I ate. Traveling with my dad is always an adventure. He doesn’t eat much, thinks he knows everything, and is very stubborn. SHOCKING that I am his spawn, right!? But since I am used to eating a VERY strict and clean diet, drinking tons of water, and working out a few times a day, changes to my schedule always come at a shock. We spent the majority of the time sitting. I decided not to bother working out because I could use the off time. Looking back, I should have stretched more. I am an all or nothing sort of person…oh well. So I kept track of everything I ate while I was on vacation and you will get an idea of how much of a change it was.

Airport day– salad with salmon (really gross), another salad with deli turkey (literally two slices of turkey. The salad had cheese on it so I just ate the turkey slices)
First Day in Iceland (day 1):
Breakfast/Lunch- Omelet. Evidently omelets have cheese in them so I picked off the pieces of egg that didn’t have cheese.
Dinner- Sashimi and salmon and wine.
Day 2:
Breakfast- scrambled eggs, slices of tomato, tons of coffee.
Lunch- salmon scraped away from some other stuff I’ve never seen. Salad
Dinner- sashimi and salmon and wine
Day 3:
Breakfast- scrambled eggs, slices of tomato, smoked salmon
We went 7.5 hours without eating and ended up at a grocery store at some tiny fishing town where I bought a cucumber, pepper, and coconut flake mix with raisins (picked the raisins out). Thankfully I brought protein powder. The pepper ended up having mold on the inside so I ate the cucumber, protein powder, and coconut flakes.
Dinner- salmon and sauteed vegetables.
Day 4:
Flight to Greenland
Breakfast/lunch- salad with mini shrimp and white fish
Dinner- White fish and wine
Day 5:
Breakfast- scrambled eggs with slices of tomato
Lunch- fish and shrimp
Dinner- scallops and trout and wine
Day 6:
Breakfast- scrambled eggs
Lunch- on airplane, inside of a turkey sandwich. (two slices of turkey)
Dinner- sashimi and salmon
Day 7:
Breakfast- scrambled eggs with tomato slices
Lunch- protein powder.
Dinner- (It has been 12 hours, except for the protein powder, that I have eaten at this point and I’m not very happy about it.) white fish and some chicken stuff from a nearby middle eastern vendor.
Airport Day 8:
Breakfast- Scrambled eggs with tomato slices
Lunch- smoked salmon and a few things on the plane (salad- basically 1/2 c of lettuce and about 2 ounces of chicken)
Dinner- salad with chicken in the airport.

A good example of what almost all of the fish dishes looked like:

My dad doesn’t believe you need to drink water (he’s a doctor by the way) and staying hydrated was difficult.
So as fascinating as that was for you guys, it gives you an idea of what I ate while I was gone… a ton of fish and eggs. I was really hungry on days we didn’t eat lunch and a lot of the time the food was really small for lunch. I came back quite starving and Chris had made me chocolate, coconut, almond butter bark that I love and promptly devoured.
I also forgot to mention that my last travel day was 24 hours of hell. I literally traveled for 24 hours and was awake 95% of the time. I even cried in the airport when my flight was delayed multiple times. I was quite happy to get home and see my tribe.
All in all- my trip was AWESOME and I saw some amazing things and got to spend time with my dad. Aside from some of the sauces my food was cooked in, I ate mostly paleo.
I’m so happy to be home and back on track.

Here are some awesome photos:

You can also go to my website HERE, to look at the good ones of the Icebergs and glaciers…here’s a little peak.


2 responses to “Iceland and Greenland

  1. Wow, looks like an amazing trip – SO gorgeous.

    I personally just don’t function without eating at regular intervals, so i always bring a shit load of food on vacation with me – it’s better for everyone! šŸ˜‰

    • haha I know! I try to bring food with me but I never check a bag so I prioritized and brought protein powder šŸ™‚

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