Another update…sort of, but not really.

I’ve been wanting to write a few different articles.
Hand care for crossfitters
What (I keep) to keep in your gym bag
Why I love my gym
A rant about crossfit gyms in general…

I’ve been really busy and really stressed.
I’m moving to Denver soon and there’s a whole bunch of stuff I have yet to do. I’m generally more interested in spending time with my tribe or at the gym (when I’m not taking care of school/house/Denver stuff) and eventually I will write about all those really interesting topics. For now, I am going to deal with the fact I have to move. I’d rather not, but I don’t really have a choice. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am not moving half way around the world, or even out of state. I am moving just an hour away.

For your entertainment…
HERE is a video of me doing a handstand walk.

Here is a sneak peak of my living room…

and here is our fur child…


4 responses to “Another update…sort of, but not really.

  1. As someone who just finished moving from Massachusetts to Maryland, I can totally sympathize. Good luck with your move and I know I am looking forward to the hand care.

  2. Kelly Bumgarner

    I’m a Crossfitter in Las Vegas, NV with a recent back injury. I was feeling bad for myself & generally being a baby the other day when I found your post about injuries as a blessing. I feel a million times better now & pulled out of my slump. You’re a badass & an inspiration, and I am now a big fan of your blog!


    • I’m so happy to hear that it was helpful Kelly! And thanks! I’m glad you like it. Make sure to take care of yourself! We are quite hard on our bodies and you definitely deserve some rest once in a while!

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